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Three points to seal berth |  Sabah hulksters fourth at 49th Mr Malaysia Bodybuilding Championship |  Motivate yourselves for university studies, pre-U students told |  Riparian forest buffers means increased plantation yields |  Swiftlet industry boosted |  Underprivileged boys discover Klagan’s hospitality |  Learning about orang-utan via ‘The Amazing Orangutan Challenge’ |  Kusai kinoizonon nataan id ponginaman mogovit humabus tumau pagansak |  RTM potindooi aadang sabaagi impoon popisompuu layat |  Papanau padsakazan ginumuan posoovon tumanud kootulan |  Susumakai motusaikol nopujulan kiniopon id suang kohigaganan |  Proton, Geely to set up facilities in China |  Unstable environment for foreign inflows |  Ewon mahu lebih banyak pusat e-Desa diwujudkan di luar bandar |  JKR diminta segera baiki jalan Sampir-Pantai Teringai yang rosak teruk | 
Underprivileged boys discover Klagan’s hospitality
The visit was part of the hotel’s corporate social responsibility initiative to give opportunity to rural boys a taste of modern ambience and facilities as this was the first time they set foot in a hotel establishment.
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Learning about orang-utan via ‘The Amazing Orangutan Challenge’
“Most of them are not athletes but it was not a problem as the main purpose is to make the society understands more about the endangered wildlife,”
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Stand-up comedian Harith Iskander to perform at SHAREDA Nite
The 2016 Laugh Factory’s Funniest Person in the World will take the stage with The Voice Singapore and Malaysia 2017 winner Lim Wen Suen and One in a Million runners-up 2008 Esther Applunius.
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Bangkok-KK route will boost state's tourism
“Besides, young Thai travellers are known for being food enthusiasts and keen adventurous. We will also be looking at attracting the expat community working for international organisation over there,”
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“Jangan segan atau malu, aktifkan bakat anda!”
berpuas hati kerana bejaya mengaktifkan bakat serta semangat para peserta baharu dibantu Ronney Sigoh, Johnny Damianus, Azmi Johnny dan Louni Adow.
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Promenade unveils unique halal mooncake flavours
In addition to its popular Musang King Durian Paste Mooncake, mooncake aficionados will be delighted with the introduction of two new flavours this year – Pumpkin and Yam.
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Experience Merdeka Fusion Specials at Metropot Bistro & Café
Among the dishes featured are nasi lemak set menu with a choice of either fish or chicken, served with fragrant rice infused with sweet potato, fried anchovies, egg and spicy “sambal” or kuzi paste, priced at RM17+ per set.
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Pentas akhir Bintang Sandakanfm berlangsung pada Sabtu ini
, antara kelainan yang dibawakan, selepas mempersembahkan lagu solo, lapan finalis itu juga akan berentap sesama sendiri (battle) untuk lagu kedua mereka.
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48 pelajar sertai Pertandingan Nyanyian Solo Peringkat Sabah
PERTANDINGAN Nyanyian Solo Sekolah Rendah dan Sekolah Menengah Peringkat Negeri Sabah 2018 akan dikelolakan oleh Pejabat Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah Tongod, Telupid pada Ogos 15 hingga 17 Ogos ini.
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Yu Yuan’s duo symphony concert on Aug 22
According to Fung, eight instructor musicians together with acclaimed instructor Chen Yu Sheng from Taiwan will join the concert and perform with our students.
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Rungus bead crafter attracts understudies
begins with teaching her students the art of making Pinakol beaded jewelry - specially made by Rungus women from
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Pertandingan Akhir Bintang P.Ramlee Peringkat Zon Sabah 2018 Sabtu ini
Pertandingan Akhir Bintang P.Ramlee Peringkat Zon Sabah 2018 pada 11 Ogos iaitu Sabtu ini bermula pukul 1.45 petang bertempat di Studio TV RTM Kompleks Bersepadu KKMM,Kota Kinabalu.
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Every girl’s dream to wear MAS traditional kebaya, says ex-flight stewardess
“That is our signature. For me as long it is comfortable it is a non-issue but most important thing is the safety of the dress which allows us to perform our duty and move without hindrance during emergency,”
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Fuel economy – Proton is up to speed
My Iriz 1.3 clocked some 430 km, and took in around 25 litres of petrol which translates to around six litres per 100 kilometres, making us the winner for Media category.
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Pipin Nasi Campur ready to serve customers
“Customers who bring in their own containers will have a 10 per cent discount,”
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