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Boost for Muay Thai at primary schools

RIGHT WAY … SK Kg Contoh Petagas students practicing basic muay thai movements with their Putatan Muay Thai Association mentors.

12th February, 2018


KOTA KINABALU: The inclusion of muay thai classes into primary schools’ curriculum activity can be a stepping stone in the state’s bid to increase the number of muay thai athletes.

According to Putatan Muay Thai Association President, A. K. Syamasullaili Pg. Mohamad, with the martial art introduced to primary schools, it can increase the number of exponents at grassroots level effectively.

“We recently received a warm welcome in SK Kg Contoh from Petagas as they became the first primary school in the area to introduce muay thai lessons during their curriculum activity.

“Around 13 students registered for the first lesson on Saturday and showed great enthusiasm to learn the sport, we thanked the school’s headmaster and teachers for establishing muay thai club in the school,” he said.

With many more primary schools following the lead, Syamasullaili hopes that with more muay thai clubs established at school level, it will help to produce more talents to represent Sabah in the future.

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