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Motorcyclist killed, pillion rider critical

13th February, 2018


RANAU: A motorcyclist died on the spot while his pillion rider is left fighting for her life at the hospital after colliding head-on with a 6-tonne lorry at Jalan Marakau early yesterday.

Ranau Fire and Rescue Department (FRD) received the distress call at 2.44am and rushed six firemen to the scene not far from the station near Sungai Liwagu.

Firefighters identified the deceased riding the Yamaha LC motorcycle as 22-year-old Sufian Amin while the pillion rider who was only described as a woman was rushed to the hospital by an ambulance before FRD’s arrival.

Meanwhile, a joint search and rescue operations for an infant missing from home yesterday ended in the tragic discovery of her drowned body.

A spokesperson said a search party comprised of ten Ranau firemen and six Malaysian Civil Defence personnel was banded after receiving the call for help at 10am earlier that morning.

“They had covered an area spanning three kilometres from the direction of the house before finding her lifeless body at 1.48pm,” he said.

The body of Adriellabetti Sfanis Maing, aged a year and eight months old, had resurfaced at Liwagu River, 500 metres from where she lived and was pronounced dead at the scene by police.

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