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No reason to bribe DBKK staff – DG

14th February, 2018


KOTA KINABALU: The public are told not to offer bribes to staff of Kota Kinabalu City Hall (DBKK) as such action will be reported to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

DBKK director-general Datuk Joannes Solidau stated that as a local authority (PBT), the City Hall has its own standard operating procedure (SOP) and assured that its operations and various application processes had accelerated over the years.

“There is no reason for people to offer bribes because DBKK has its own SOP and license application processes have also been accelerated.

“For example, new license application and renewal can be done within half to one hour unless there is any complication so there should be no bribery to DBKK officers,” he said after the launching of the Gerah Programme and Gempur Campaign with MACC here yesterday.

He noted that license application process could take up to two months in the old days but it has since been improved after the leadership of the current Mayor, Datuk Yeo Boon Hai.

“At times it took three weeks especially for new applications and if there is any problem, it could take one to two months but thankfully the mayor has urged to hasten the process.

“There is nothing to be bribed to because everything is carried out in process; no means no,” stressed Joannes. He added that no reports on public offering bribes to DBKK staff have been received officially thus far.

Earlier, Joannes who represented Yeo said in his speech that the fight against corruption does not lie on MACC alone, but also on every individual who needs to carry it with courage to step forward and report such crime through the right channel.

“DBKK as a government agency dealing directly with the people is in fact highly risky and exposed to the possibility of corruption and power abuse.

“In executing its function as a local authority, it is undeniable that there are few people in the society who assumed that by giving certain amounts, their application process would be hastened.

“These mentalities and perceptions need to be changed and the city hall is giving strict warning to the public that if they were to offer any form of corruption to staff of DBKK in any dealings, those wrongdoings will be directly reported to MACC,” said Yeo.

The Gempur (Gerakan Memerangi Pemberi Rasuah) Campaign which was a rebranding of the ‘Perangi Pemberi Rasuah’ campaign in 2010, aimed to provide awareness to civil servants to reject any form of corruption and bribes offered to them.

Launched simultaneously across the country yesterday, it focused on encouraging civil servants to come forward and report cases of corruption to MACC.

Also present during the ceremony were State MACC director Datuk Sazali Salbi and deputy director Zulkefle Abd Hamid.

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