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Discover New Year’s prosperity through food at Silk Garden Sutera Harbour

14th February, 2018

KOTA KINABALU: Whether celebrating with family and friends, or showing appreciation to staff and business associates, Silk Garden Sutera Harbour have lined up a wide array of menus and dishes for Chinese New Year (CNY).

“Since this is the best time for reunions, we created two CNY sets, eight and nine-course set menus fitting for 8 to 10 persons offered at RM1,388 nett and RM1,688 nett,” said Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Sutera Harbour Resort Group, Gerard Tan.

The first set (8-course menu) includes salmon yee sang with sesame dressing condiments, double-boiled fish maw soup with dried scallops and silken chicken bamboo shoot broth, steamed red coral fish with essence of chicken, wok-fried prawn with rock salt and garlic, braised dried oyster, sea moss in money bag with winter wild mushroom and steamed glutinous rice with yam and preserved meat and BBQ chicken in lotus.

The set also comes with two types of desserts, chilled peach gum with snow lotus seeds and red dates and deep-fried nian gao in avocado paste wrapped with kataifi rolls.

Meanwhile, the second set comes with nine menus namely yee sang with sliced abalones served with snow pearl and sesame dressing, hard-boiled dried scallops and silken chicken with morchella broth, stewed duck stuffed with eight treasures in superior brown sauce, steamed and stir-fried red coral fish with macadamia nuts in essence of chicken, Indonesian-style wok-fried prawns with curry leaf, slow-braised winter wild mushrooms with dried oyster, sliced abalones in money bag and steamed glutinous rice with yam, preserved meat and BBQ chicken in lotus.

It also comes with two types of desserts, edamame beans with vanilla ice cream in peach gum and deep-fried nian gao in avocado paste wrapped with kataifi rolls.

These two sets are available starting February 15 to March 2.

Aside from the sets, the restaurant also offers a new brand menu known as CNY Prosperity Lucky Pot. This menu is offered in three sizes; small, medium and large, and prices ranging from RM288 to RM688 per bowl.

Every pot comes with a prosperity soup which contains fish maw, fish lips, prawns, dried scallops, dried oyster, flower mushrooms, steamed village chicken, roasted duck, sea asparagus, suno fish fillet, bean curd sticks, broccoli and white radish.

CNY Prosperity Lucky Pot offered starting February 9 to 28.

Diners who wish to have separate sets of yee sang during their dinner are offered four types of Silk Garden Auspicious Yee Sang Combination namely yee sang with assorted vegetables, fresh fruits and sesame dressing, fresh salmon yee sang with sweet turnip combination, fresh sliced surf clams yee sang with sweet turnip combination and yee sang with sliced abalones, snow pearl and sesame dressing from RM90 to RM320 nett per set.

“Yee sang is one of the current must have during CNY celebration. When it is eaten, the ritual is to toss the mixed ingredients high in the air with a shout of ‘loh hey’ which literally means to ‘move upwards.’ It is symbolic of the wish four our fortunes to rise and expand during the forthcoming years.”

Meanwhile, given a chance to sample all menus offered in the first set and CNY Prosperity Lucky Pot yesterday, members of the press felt that it is worth for the money.

The dishes are served fresh, clean, festively decorated and delicious, not to mention being served by friendly staff and cosy environment for gathering.

Those who wish to spend some quality time there can make an early reservation at 088-303691. – By Vesta Vanessa Jsol

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