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Viral robbery of BR1M story untrue – Semporna cops

13th March, 2018

SEMPORNA: Cops in Semporna district have dismissed rumours about a robber shot dead after stabbing an elderly man and robbing him of his BR1M money.

According to the viral information, a suspected robber had stabbed an elderly man multiple times in front of a bank in Semporna and tried fleeing with the victim’s RM250 BR1M money.

The fake news also said that the robber was subsequently shot dead by the bank’s security guard. District police chief Supt Peter Umbuas said these were untrue.

“According to a witness, a man was walking near the bank when he suddenly sat and then laid on the ground,” he said.

He said the witness went up to the man, who was later found to be a mentally unsound homeless person, and saw that he had an injured wrist, poorly bandaged using a white shirt.

Supt Peter said the witness then alerted a traffic policeman who was driving by.

“The injured man was taken to the hospital to have his wounds cleaned and treated,” he said, adding the man was believed to have slit his wrist using shards of glass or knife.

The homeless man apparently left the hospital on his own after receiving treatment for his cuts.

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