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KK Musang King bears fruit

16th May, 2018


KOTA KINABALU: The Sabah Association of Tour and Travel Agents (SATTA) chairman Dato’ Seri Winston Liaw received the Asia Pacific Top Leadership of the Year 2018-19 award during the 16th Asia Pacific International Honesty Award 2018.

The event was held in Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur in conjunction with the Asia Pacific Book of the Top recognition on Monday.

The award was accorded to Winston to recognise his leadership in leading SATTA; Airworld Travel and Tours Sdn Bhd; Mushroom Management Corporation Sdn Bhd; KK Musang Durian Frozen Fruits and Local Products Sdn Bhd and Kota Kinabalu Funei Li Taiji Association successfully.

Winston emphasised yesterday the KK Musang King set up in Jan 2018, is a diversifying business of Airworld Travel he established since 1995 to promote local fruits to tourists from both foreign and domestic.

We will build a fruit factory at Bundusan Road, Kota Kinabalu to specially promote the Musang King durian or commonly known as Mao Shan Wang among the local Chinese.

The factory sited on a 1-hectare land when ready in Sept 2018 will also house other range of local fruits such as coconut, rambutan, mango and so on based on their season, said Winston.

“The Musang King will be made available in 365 days at the factory as the freshly gathered fruits will be packaged with nitrogen gas before it is stored in a -18 degrees Celsius room so that it can be preserved between one and two years,” explained Winston.

KK Musang was established in Jan 2018 by Winston in partnership with Michael K.M. Yong and Albert Lim.

“There is no need for the durian lovers to wait for the season now which is usually in the middle of the year in June-July as the stocks is available whole-year-round.

“We are working in partnership with our supplier Dato’ John Lee in Peninsular Malaysia who owns 2,000 hectares of durian trees in Raub, Pahang,” he said.

The supplier also buys the durians from farmers from the north to the south of peninsula to keep as stockpiles, he added.

He assured the nitrogen packaged durians are still able to maintain 90 per cent of its freshness and sweetness after defrosting and the customers will be given a guarantee refund if they are unhappy with the taste.

The fruit factory have the capacity to store 30 tonnes or 30,000kg of durians at any one time is also complete with retail stores and café selling local tourism products such as frozen seafood; bird’s nest; tongkat Ali; durian paste, a culinary product and many more, he said.

“Our Musang King will be sold based on the market price of RM80 per kg, targeting the tourists especially from China. The locals are also welcomed while tour operators will be offered tour package,” said Winston.

We also offer Airbnb service under the brand MushROOM.

The name of the brand which emphasized ‘ROOM’ in upper-case is to show their aspirations to provide enough rooms to meet the booming tourism industry in Sabah.

For starters, Winston said they have established 21 rooms in Aeropod at Jalan Sabah Rail, Tanjung Aru under the name Robusta Suite to invoke the memory that 40-50 years ago, the people took a train to Tenom to enjoy the famous coffee there.

“So we can relive this down memory lane trip from the Tanjung Aru railway station to Tenom to promote our tourism industry,” said Winston.

“We also have another 20 rooms in the Loft Imago, we will increase the room in future. We are also negotiating with the developer of Bay 21 condominium, Likas to manage some of its units,” he said.

As for Airworld Travel, Winston is one of the pioneers in Sabah to mount direct chartered flight services from China to Sabah to boost the arrivals of tourists.

He had also successfully organised the inaugural 2017 Asia Pacific Taiji/Wushu Convention on Nov 17-19, bringing in avid practitioners from China, Macao, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and Peninsular Malaysia to Sabah.

The convention was also attended by Master Li Zheng, a fifth generation to inherit Yang style and sixth generation of funei taiji.

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