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'Children should learn cleanliness habits early'

13th July, 2018


SANDAKAN: The habit of disposing rubbish properly, maintaining general cleanliness and hygiene should be inculcated in children from a young age.

“Apart from discipline, schoolchildren should participate actively and excel in sports, to treasure and protect our environment,” State Youth and Sports Minister Frankie Poon said when officiating the SMK Sandakan Community Day programme yesterday.

We must cultivate the basis habit of disposing rubbish properly and refrain from littering indiscriminately not only in school but also outside school, Poon who is also Tanjong Papat Assemblyman said.

Poon hoped parents and teachers can play their respective roles and work closely together towards achieving these objectives. They must set good example to become a role model to their children and students.

Both parents and teachers can have a positive influence on the children to do the right things and prevent them from getting involved in negative elements or activities, Poon said.

Parent must spend time with the children and the latter must appreciate , respect and be thankful to their parents, he added.

Our youths are our future leaders and we must impart good and positive values to them at young age, for “The future is now” so that we can produce more good and effective leaders , moving forward, Poon said.

The Community Day Programme was organised by the SMK Sandakan Parents-Community Association (PIBK). Among those who attended was Senior Assistant cum co school PIBK coordinator Mohamad Anuar Abu Bakar.

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