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'Make Sabah air travel more affordable'

7th August, 2018


KOTA KINABALU: State Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment Christina Liew has called on the commercial airlines in the country to make air travel in Sabah more affordable, especially during holidays and long weekends.

“The Ministry is aware of the high charges by some airlines during holidays and long weekends, and acknowledge this is as the business of commercial aviation.

“However, since the State Government is actively promoting the East Coast of Sabah, we would like the airlines to be more supportive of our move by making the travel more affordable. Increasing the price does not go hand-in-hand with the Government’s plan,” said Liew.

Costly ticket prices to Sabah especially to the East Coast were reportedly seen online during the September long weekend break.

The Minister said that developing the East Coast as the second tourism hub needs the strong support from all sectors.

“As I have mentioned before we need to develop the tourism industry throughout Sabah, not just in Kota Kinabalu,” Liew reiterated.

She also advised the public to plan their travels at least three months ahead or choose non-holiday seasons to avoid expensive flights.

Meanwhile, she also advised tour businesses to observe and be more mindful on conducting outdoor tours, especially to the islands, with continuous rain and strong winds currently hitting the State capital which is expected to last the whole week.

She said that while tour companies provide services to fulfil tourists’ interest, they should also be wary of the rough sea conditions that could affect boat and sea sports operators.

“We have no control of the weather, however we must provide cautionary measures and ensure tourists have an enjoyable stay in Sabah regardless of rain or shine,” said Liew.

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