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Two MASwings pilots contribute to two national records creation

9th August, 2018


KOTA KINABALU: It was a proud moment for Capt Mohd Khairul Mohamad Kamarudin and Capt Nurfarah Syaza Yusuf who are both part of MASwings great achievements in creating two national records.

Capt Mohd Khairul who has been commanding the 19-seater Twin Otter to the remote areas for the past five years said it came as a surprise that MASwings was accorded double records by the Malaysia Book of Records (MBOR).

“We are not aware of achieving the two records because flying has been our daily job,” said Capt Mohd Khairul who had since clocked 3,500 flying hours.

The regional airline operating the rural air services in East Malaysia created the records for the ‘Longest Operating Hours For Rural Air Services’ totalling 105, 964 hours and the ‘Most Number of Passengers Transported Via Rural Air Services (1,301,731 passengers) from Jan 2008 to Aug, 2018.

“I like to fly to Bario and Ba’ Kelalan because the climate there are marvellous and challenging too because we have to beat the strong winds and the short runway,” said Capt Mohd Khairul from Shah Alam, Selangor but was proud to declare he has been naturally localised.

“All the skills I learnt was put to the test, the challenging weather and condition of the rural areas have allowed me to improve my flying skills and the experience has enabled me to land the aircraft successfully,” said Capt Mohd Khairul who will be moving to the administration soon.

“We flew to the rural areas in Sabah and Sarawak, it was amazing to get connected with the friendly people in the rural areas,” he said when met after the presentations ceremony of the two awards at MAS/MASwings Administration Building at Kota Kinabalu International Airport here yesterday.

Flying the Twin Otter has also made them envy of others because they don’t have inflight cabin crew as only two pilots are handling the aircraft, he said.

“It is the requirement that we are not given cabin crew because Twin Otter only seat 19 passengers only 20 and above passengers require cabin crew,” he said.

As for Capt Nurfarah, she felt proud to be part of the team that created two national records as so far she was the only female pilot flying the Twin Otter in Malaysia.

“It is a challenging job for me because this is a male dominant job. Every day I faced a different kind of characters from the male pilots,” she shares.

Like Capt Mohd Khairul, she said the weather in Bario and Ba’kelalan was really challenging which was quite unforgiving for them sometimes.

“But it has really sharpened my flying skills,” said Capt Nurfarah from Kuching who has been a pilot for five years now.

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