Share and Care session by patients and families


SANDAKAN: Some 40 Systemic Lupus Erythematous (SLE) patients and their family members attended a “Share and Care” session and Chinese New Year open house organised recently by Persatuan SLE Malaysia (PSLEM) Sabah chapter at its office premises here.

A talk on “The Importance Of Exercise for SLE Patients” was presented by a physiotherapist from the Duchess of Kent Hospital.

Besides the talk, there was also an exercise demonstration by two physiotherapists from the hospital which patients and family members were able to participate.

Exercises enable SLE patients to build stronger muscles, reduce stiffness of joints and help to control body weight. The speaker advised SLE patients to exercise according to their own physical condition and fitness level.

Systemic Lupus Erythematous (SLE) is an autoimmune disorder. The cause of SLE is likely to be a combination of various factors, such as genetics, environment, hormones, sunlight, chemical substances, food and viruses infection.

SLE has various symptoms: continuous fever, malar rash or discoid rash, mouth ulcers or bleeding in mouth, and arthritis.

SLE varies greatly in severity, from mild cases requiring minimal intervention to those in significant and potentially fatal damage occurs to vital organs such as heart, kidney, nervous system, hematologic system and gastrointestinal system. – James Leong

By :
New Sabah Times