Sabah ready to go cashless


KOTA KINABALU: Cashless payments enable businesses to operate more effectively and efficiently in order to meet consumers’ demand in Sabah.

“This is very coherent and appropriate for us in preparing for the Industrial Revolution 4.0, which concentrates not only in the usage of ICT, but also at machines as well as robots,” said Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Shafie Apdal.

Speaking during the Boost Media Experience program here yesterday, Shafie stressed that ‘Sabah Cashless’ notion is relevant for Sabahans to move forward in tandem with the current trend.

“I am pleased to note that in Sabah, Boost application is available in several business categories including retail, cinema, food delivery services, food courts and universities,” he said in a speech read by Assistant Minister of Finance, Kenny Chua.

Earlier, Shafie said that the Sabah state government welcomed the initiative of the Digital Economy in line with the country’s development and transformation plans.

“We note, among the main goals of this initiative include empowering the state’s economy through basic data and information for the production of business products and services.”

Shafie also pointed out that he was an optimist that economic digitization would not only promote innovation and open more job opportunities, but also affect the way Sabahans interact and renew local sociology. Also present was Chief Executive Officer of Boost, Christopher Tiffin.

By :
New Sabah Times